New Polaroids and an Adventure

I took my Monkey to London last week. All sounds fairly normal – “oh, what a nice time,” you may be thinking. We were in London for 13 hours. Yes, you read correctly. We flew overnight on Monday (and cannot thank South African Airways enough for our free business class upgrade), landed Tuesday morning, and left again Tuesday night.  Such a trek – completely worth it, but WOW. Never again (not without a buggy, anyway). 

What with me leaving the passport wallet on the plane – and anyone who’s been to SA knows that to enter and exit you always need a full birth certificate, and without daddy (he stayed home) you need an affidavit – and then Stevie falling asleep for two of my castings, meaning I couldn’t go, I was ready to come home. Wish we’d had the upgrade on the way back, but no bother, I promise!

We did, however, manage to get some new pics done (as well as see one client). I’m just in love with the ones of the two of us. Obviously!

5 thoughts on “New Polaroids and an Adventure

  1. This is so cute! Love the bogging idea- can’t wait to hear more! sending love from Michigan 🙂 You and Stevie look stunning!


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