Pilates, Easter Eggs and Boxing…

Over the Easter weekend I ate A LOT. I mean it – Sumting Fresh Bao (two of them!) on Saturday, followed by takeaway curry for dinner (admittedly because I accidentally left the slow cooker on hot all day and ruined my own butter chicken). Burger King for breakfast on Sunday, anyone? How about braai burgers (in buns, of course) on Monday? This weekend was a total write off.

Before I had Stevie, I could eat, within reason, anything I wanted, work out 4-6 days a week and look amazing (seriously – the blue-bikini-on-a-beach picture was before I got pregnant – I wish I knew how fit I looked!) These days, I have to put in a little bit more effort.

So I’ve decided to cut out sugar. I’ve done it before and it works (although it takes a good 5-6 weeks to see the difference, these days). I’m boxing twice a week, running on every day I don’t do ‘structured’ exercise, and then I have the dreaded Pilates once a week.

Pilates is dreaded because my instructor, Colette, is amazing. She’s literally a Pilates Master Demon – 85% the sweetest person you’ve ever met, 15% a complete sadist who knows she can kick your ass into gear in literally a fortnight. 

This morning she started me off with a ‘gentle’ lying-down leg routine – and then we swiftly changed into FULL ON abs. I nearly died. Love handles (the bane of my post-party’s existence) be banished!

Thankfully, the end of the month is approaching and funds are getting low – this will stop me drinking too much and splurging on takeaways. Hopefully my mega-fitness routine and healthy eating (step away from the bread!) will get me back to some semblance of blue-bikini-girl in no time.

How do you stay fit and healthy? I’d love to hear other people’s methods ❤
To train with Colette Thatcher you must be in the Johannesburg area. 

Flow Fitness

The Italian Club

Marais Rd


+27 (79) 5202739

Instagram: @flow_fitness_sa 
PS Sumting Fresh is at Neighbourgood’s and Fourways Markets over the weekend, plus their main restaurant in Norwood.

Instagram: @sumtingfresh

One thought on “Pilates, Easter Eggs and Boxing…

  1. No sugar sounds so hard! But that’s exactly what I need to do to get wedding ready!
    Maybe start next week… 🙂 GO YOU!!


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