Travel shenanigans 

I used to love travelling. Before the recession, when clients had money and would fly you around the world in business class, pay a fortune for you to stay in swanky hotels and – gasp, shock, horror – weather days! Those glorious days at the beginning and end of a shoot which were in case of bad weather, but everyone knew it was so the team actually got the chance to see some of the beautiful island/mountain range/desert they were shooting in.

One of my favourite shoots ever was when I went to Los Roques in Venezuela for a week. Because why not?

These days, however, times have changed. I’m writing this sitting in a budget hotel in Berlin, knowing that I’m shooting tomorrow and then flying home economy class via Madrid because it was the cheapest way. 

Now I’m not complaining about flying economy class as such – I know I’m lucky to be able to fly at all. But the glamour has gone. Constant travel to get to work and having to be ‘on’ straight off a long haul flight is starting to drag. 

Who has good advice, other than pay for my own upgrades (I used to do this, but I have a child now and my priorities have changed – dammit)? What do YOU use to perk up your travel routine? Give me advice because I’m willing to hear it! Share this wide, I want to hear from everyone – hopefully my next piece can be a follow up with the best advice I received.

PS this was 36 hours in Jamaica. Yup, I saw a beach and a hotel! Yay.


One thought on “Travel shenanigans 

  1. I totally hear you as someone who once went to India and Jamaica for TWO WEEKS each within two months. I just see flights as ‘me’ time, I pamper and catch up on films and just remind myself that I’m lucky to be working at all these days as many of my far younger hotter friends aren’t! I was never as high flying as you tho! Maybe you need a meditation app?


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