23 Weeks

How on EARTH did we get to 23 weeks already? We’re 2 days from being 6 months pregnant. All of a sudden, now it’s September, things seem a lot closer. December (please be December) doesn’t seem all that far away.

Stevie started school yesterday. She’s doing Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings at a lovely pre-school close to our house. The theory is that we can walk her around there every morning with the dogs. However…

This second pregnancy is killing me, body wise. I’m much smaller than I was at the same stage with Stevie (see enclosed Beached Whale picture), but my poor, poor hips are suffering horribly. I’ve had to stop running after I overdid it last week. Long walks are taking it out of me – hello, early SPD symptoms. Childbearing and childbirth really changes your body.

So far, I’ve put on 8kg (1.2st, or 17lbs). That’s not even half of the 20kg I gained when pregnant with Stevie. I’m aiming to top out at about 10-12kg, but I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m just one of those girls who puts on weight when I’m pregnant.

I ate ALL the food whilst I was pregnant with Monks

I’m still managing to squeeze in a weight workout 3-4 times per week, and Pilates once a week. I’m eating pretty much as I have done since actually giving birth last time, which is a great thing! I really struggled giving up all the junk I ate when I was pregnant last time, so I’m looking forward to not having to change my eating habits.

We have our next appointment with our fantastic midwife next Tuesday. But so far, everything is going pretty smoothly. Now, if only I could learn to walk properly…

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