The Daredevil Run

In different cities all over South Africa (Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban, Bloemfontein and Mbombela) on one day of the year, men of all sizes and ages come together to do the Daredevil Run. Formed to raise awareness of and money for testicular and prostate cancer research, the men run 5km in Speedos in rush hour traffic!

This year, Pete, my brother-in-law, Elliot, and a bunch of our friends did the run together. Us ladies grabbed ourselves Savanna Lights, I strapped Elia to me and we waited (partially in the Clamber Club play area for Stevie).

Elliot came in the top 100 runners (nothing new there – he’s in serious training for the Iron Man Race next year) and the rest of them followed. We ended the evening watching the sun go down with burgers from The Filthy Moustache burger truck, which were seriously amazing – they made a burger for me with lovely toppings, completely dairy free!

The Daredevil Run finishes at the Zoo Lake Sport Club, which is where all the entertainment was. To register, go to the Daredevil Run website.

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