Hello, Old Friend

It’s been a long time, hasn’t it? If anyone is interested in a very long story, read on. If not, there’ll be a TL;DR at the bottom for you.

Shortly after my last blog post (we never did win that World Cup, after all) I decided I was going to focus wholly on my modelling, and take a step back from the blog. All went well for a while, until I had an 8 day stint in London which, well, didn’t go quite so well. It was decided, mutually, that, since I would need to spend infinitely more time overseas than I already was doing, I would take a giant leap back from the European modelling circuit.

Why didn’t I start my blog back up then, you may ask? Well, because I’ve been working on a couple of novels, and to be quite frank this year has been a big, hard adjustment for us all. I’ll dedicate a whole post to that in the new year, once I’ve got the festive season out of the way.

You may now be wondering, why have I not changed the name of my blog? Well, I still have representation here in Soutb Africa, and over in Germany. And I still do bits and pieces, here and there. Expect a video, starring both me and Pete, to come soon, and I’ll share mine and Stevie’s full shoot and cover story for Your Family in the next few days.

TL;DR I’ve taken a step back from modelling and will be restarting my blog ASAP

Welcome back to the wonderful, chaotic world of Mumming and Modelling. Hope you enjoy it as much as last time!

PS – I chopped off my hair, by the way!

The Ideal

I’m going to share my idea of paradise. Please share yours, too…

In paradise, we would live in a log-and-brick house out in the bush (its paradise, okay – the animals are all there but miraculously we only see them when it’s convenient, and there are no accidents… or maybe we’ve got a fence around paradise, for the realists in here) with a thatched roof that really keeps that thatch smell. It’s constantly Spring, and in front of the house are two constantly flowering jacarandas.

My children don’t go to school full days ever – the school comes to them for four hours, but mainly for social skills. The teacher is never angry (she disciplines, but never out of anger) – she is a modern day Mary Poppins, and children come with her to learn in our home. They never leave a mess behind, and I spend those four hours in the bath, and doing yoga, and playing with my dogs in the shade. We spend the rest of the day outside, making mud pies, running naked in the sun, paddling in creeks and dams, playing hopscotch or sorting flowers into water for perfume. It very rarely rains, but when it does it’s never cold, and we use the rarely-used television for movies only.

The children go to bed when they’re tired, after bathing outside in the fresh air, with stories galore. Then Mummy and Daddy sit and drink wine (Mummy) and smoke (Daddy) and even have sex whenever we want to (unscheduled – now there’s an idea!). The stars always shine and the cicadas and crickets always sing. As Mummy starts to drift off, the evening comes to a close and I go to bed in our giant, comfy wonder bed, to start all over again tomorrow. Maybe there will be fresh eggs for breakfast (this is paradise, there are always fresh eggs when we need them, our chickens are that good) to make egg and feta and spinach and tomato on the toast. And maybe we’ll see the animals, and follow a dung beetle rolling his poo happily. And maybe we won’t get sunburn, and maybe there’ll be no bickering or misbehaving…

And maybe, tonight, I’ll dream of this little paradise. But for now, this life will do just fine.