Women’s Day Femininity

Today is International Women’s Day (in case you missed it). There have been so many posts written on why Women’s Day is needed; I won’t bore anyone with repetition. But today did make me think about feminism.

I consider myself a thoroughly modern feminist. I wear pink, I love dresses, I shave my body hair and I’m a model who very often poses in bikinis. In times gone by, and in other people’s opinions, these things alone should make me anti-feminism. But, the way I see it, a real, true feminist should be able to do exactly what she wants to.

I don’t wear pink to appeal to men – I wear pink because I like the colour. I’m not a model because anyone else told me to be – I’m a model because I enjoy being my own boss, and I’m bloody proud of what I’ve achieved. I shave my body hair for two reasons – I like how it looks and feels, and because I find it better for work. And, in hot weather especially, a dress is the most comfortable item I own.

I don’t wish to see women get rid of men – I love men (in general). But I do wish to see the glass ceiling, in so many industries, disappear, because women can do a job as well as men. I do wish there was no need for the #metoo movement, because why should women suffer at the hands of men just for being women? There is 100% inequality still in this world, and of course I wish it didn’t exist. No woman should be singled out because of her gender (and I mean women who were born women, and trans people who are also women). Women are powerful, too – we birth children without pain relief and then provide sustenance for those children for 6 months from our bodies alone. And some women choose to have c-sections and formula feed, because that choice is an important one for women – why should we feel forced to do something we don’t want to do? When Professor Lee Burger’s team discovered Homo Naledi, the only people who could fit into the cave were women – women who were passionate about their very important work. Women can thrive in what were typically male-driven career paths.

Marina Elliott from Canada, Elen Feuerriegel from Australia, and K. Lindsay Eaves, Alia Gurtov, Hannah Morris, and Becca Peixotto from the US – the women who discovered Homo Naledi

Modern feminism, to me, is about women who want – and show that we, as women, can – have it all. If a woman wants to quit work and stay at home with her children, she should feel free to make that choice without judgment. If a woman chooses not to have children, but to work in her chosen career path, be it nursing or the military or as a gardener, she should be able to do so without questions asked. As women, our worth is more than our ability to create children, sons, to carry on a family line.

Happy Women’s Day to all women. Let me know how you feel about what I’ve said!