Minaj Appreciation Post

No news here… nothing interesting to report. Everything is just ticking over happily in our household. Stevie is back at school, Elia is growing like a weed (she’s 4 months old! In 2 months or so she’ll be on solids – argh!). It was my birthday yesterday, and I have toothache where I need a filling replaced.

Birthday celebrations – spot the baby!

This is just a Nicki Minaj appreciation post.

I love Nicki. I always have, ever since Young Money released ‘Bedrock’ in late 2009. Some people may not agree with me, but I think she’s amazing. Shes beautiful, in a non-conformist kind of way, she’s very talented (she can sing, rap and act, writes her own music and somehow keeps people interested in her through many alter egos) and doesn’t settle for being treated badly. She’s my kind of woman! If I had a girl-crush, Nicki Minaj would be it. That’s all – no prize-winning writing here, people. Just a simple fangirl moment over my favourite famous lady.